You’re Single?

Yay You’re Single?

This is the perfect time to:
  • Increase Your Prayer Life
  • Get To Know God Personally
  • Repair Your Credit
  • Learn To Cook
  • Pay off Debt

You Are Not Alone

You may be without a mate but you are not alone. God is with you. As a single woman or man of God this is the perfect time to get to know God on a personal level. Through prayer and fasting on a consistent basis, you obtain access to Christ on different levels. The longer you prayer the closer you get to Christ.

Your single time is also a good time to get your personal life in order. Have you thought about the qualities you want in a mate, if so, do those qualities match your current life. If you want Mr. or Mrs. Fantastic, it is more than likely she/he expects you to be fantastic as well. While you are single prepare yourself for the mate you are seeking God for.


  1. Joseph Scott
  2. Lloyd Budd
  3. Alex Shiels
    • Coen Jacobs