Blieve And Be Filled

The Holy Spirit will lead and guide you through life without fail. It is essential that you be filled with The Holy Spirit in order to live a successfully saved life in Christ. The Holy Spirit will advise you in every situation that may arise in life, and will also be a comforter to you in time of trouble.

The Word of God

Study The word of God

  • An Increase in Faith
  • Salvation Remains
  • Your New Conscious

An Increase In Faith

The word of God will surely increase your faith. by reading the word of god you learn about the behaviors of the people of God and how they obtained favor through obedience, how they prayed in a time of trouble, how they developed wealth through the knowledge of Christ and how they avoided and escaped trouble. Reading and following the examples of those who had favor with God will allow you to obtain the same favor and will surely teach you how to trust God and draw near to Him.

Salvation Remains

Your salvation is likely to remain once filled with The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God’s seal of approval. Receiving The Holy Spirit means that you believe God as the scriptures say without a doubt.

  1. The Holy Spirit is a Keeper
  2. A Comforter
  3. An Advisor
  4. A Guide Through Life On Earth
Fruits of The Spirit
  •  Chastity – the integration of your physical sexuality with your spiritual nature. All people follow this, married and single.
  •  Joy – is deep and constant gladness in the Lord that circumstances cannot destroy. It comes from a good relationship with God and others a relationship of genuine love.
  •  Peace – A disciple faithful to God’s will is serene, not overly anxious or upset. (This) comes from knowing that all will work out well because God is with us.
  •  Patience – We are confronted wit difficulties on a daily basis. (This) is love that is willing ti endure life’s suffering, difficulties, and routine. It means not giving up in difficult situations.
  •  Goodness – This Fruit of the Holy Spirit flows from God’s great love. It is a sign that you love all people without exception and do good to them.
  •  Generosity – (This) is a willingness to give even a cost to yourself. It expresses concern for meeting the needs of others even if it means sacrificing something of your own.
  •  Self-Control – You can discipline your physical and emotional desires by being modest and respectful of others. With (this) you can be in charge of you emotion and desires instead of the other way around.
  •  Kindness – (This) is shown by generous acts of service. Kind people are compassionate and considerate. They try to see the best in others.
  •  Faithfulness – Keep your promises. Your are faithful when you show loyalty to God and to those whom you have committed yourself.(These) people are dependable, trustworthy, and obedient.
  •  Modesty – (This) is moderation in all your actions, especially your conversation and external behavior. Modesty is a sign that you give credit to God for your talents and successes.
  •  Gentleness – Strength tempered by love leads you to be gentle, peaceful, and gracious. A (this) person has the power to forgive instead of being angry.


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